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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get An Interpreter?

Call or Email El Paso SLI

We will discuss our fees and explain how the scheduling and services work. Once we have a contract in place we'll move to the scheduling part.

Gather The Details

We will ask you for the Deaf person's name, the location of the assignment,  the time and date of services, and get a briefing  on what the job is about.

Dispatch and Find your Interpreter

Once we have all the details we will then dispatch the job out to the interpreters who are best fitted for the job. When the Interpreter confirms we confirm them. 


Now that we have the Interpreter confirmed we will email you a confirmation email with all the details and your all SET!

How do I work with an El Paso SLI Interpreter ?


When the Interpreter arrives they will check in with the point of contact. You can identify them by their El Paso SLI Badge.


The Interpreter and the Deaf will chat briefly if there is time. The Deaf person usually tells the interpreter why they are there and this give the interpreter a chance to gage their sign language style. 


The Interpreter will interpret everything that is said from the hearing and any background noises. They will also voice anything signed for the hearing person.


Your all done until next time!


Please Introduce the Interpreter to the Deaf or Hard of Hearing person. 


When using an Interpreter please look directly at the Deaf person not the Interpreter. The Deaf person will be looking back and forth from the hearing to the Interpreter. 


Once the job is complete the Interpreter will need a verification form signed to verify they were present at the job (this is an electronic signature).

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to get an Interpreter? 

The answer is YES. The ADA requires that title II entities (State and local governments) and title III entities (businesses and nonprofit organizations that serve the public) communicate effectively with people who have communication disabilities. The goal is to ensure that communication with people with these disabilities is equally effective as communication with people without disabilities. 

Why is there 2 Interpreters? 

Interpreting is very demanding, both mentally and physically. For this reason we schedule 2 depending on the length and content of the assignment.  For all jobs that are one hour or more interpreted consecutively 2 Interpreters are required. Every 15- 20 minutes of interpreting the Interpreters will switch out. This is so that the interpreter can continue to interpret with full accuracy and not suffer any physical injuries. 

How Do I know if the Interpreter is certified? 


Interpreters that hold a certification can be found on either of these websites: The Registry for Interpreters for the Deaf website, or Board for Evaluation of Interpreters (BEI) Registry. These websites will list the Interpreters certifications and whether they are active or expired. 

Who pays for the Interpreter ?

Businesses and community organizations are responsible for paying for sign language interpreting services. 

How soon can I get an interpreter ?

For last minute requests we are usually there within 45 min to 1 hour. Our team of interpreters are available 24/7 and on all holidays. 

Why is it good to make sure the interpreter is qualified?

Interpreting is a very complex task that requires more than just knowing some sign language. Not having a qualified interpreter can lead to many miscommunications and problems. El Paso SLI screens all Interpreters to rate their skill level to make sure you always have the best suited interpreters. Not all interpreters can interpret all settings. There is different vocabulary for all settings. 


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